Protecting the health of your employees and the clients you serve is imperative to ensure workplace safety. Respirator fit testing is essential to protect workers from potential respiratory infectious diseases and harmful chemicals exposures.  Fit testing ensure a proper respirator seal to prevent exposure to harmful particulates, including viral particles. Our fit testing instructors follow OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 respiratory protection program guidelines to test the specific make and model of respirator. Prior to fit testing, employees are required to receive a health clearance for safe respirator use. This is done by a licensed health care professional (PLHCP) upon review of an OSHA required medical questionnaire. This information needs to be kept confidential from the employer and follow HIPAA regulatory compliance.  Secure Fit Testing provides the highest quality respirator fit testing service.  Our ABFM board-certified physicians provide the OSHA required medical clearances via a HIPAA-compliant encrypted server for secure health information submissions, and our highly trained and professional instructors provide valuable respiratory protection education and conduct fit test certifications. We look forward to helping you and your staff stay safe and protected.